Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pagan camp-out.

This is my first post and I am going to be showing you and others what it means to be a pagan mother. First off, being a mother isn't as easy as most people see it to be. There is always something that must be done. You rarely have time to sit down but for those of you who are already moms you already know this. I love to teach my children. Anything and everything under the sun. This journal will show what it means to be pagan and a mom. In the next two weeks my family and I will be going on a pagan camping trip. So as the primary organizer for this trip let me tell you what this details.
First off you need to make sure you have a list. And don't just look at it once and think you've gotten everything. We go camping several times a year starting when the kids were younger. My daughter is almost 4. Now she's been going since she was 2 1/2. Everytime we go there is always something that we say were missing.
Depending on the site you're camping at you should non the less have a roll of toilet paper. And some plastic baggies. Just in case there is no bathroom. As followers of the god and goddess you don't want some unsuspecting joe or jane stepping in something you wouldn't want to step into yourself.
The standard camping equipment is a must. Tents,sleeping bags,bug spray and a stove if there aren't any fire pits or bbqs available. We've found that you should always have silverware of all types even if you don't think you'll need them. Trust me it helps to have it all together. Cups, Juice, Water jugs, Dried Ice and bag ice are also very helpful.Cooler fully stocked w/all that you need. When it's hot soda shouldn't be an option even for those of us who are addicted to caffeine. Like myself. If you just have to have that soda, bring a few cans for those emergencies where you feel that jittery feeling coming on. Now another important thing you should worry about is what are the rules of the place you are camping at.
We've gone several hours away and when we finally got to the campsite, we were appalled by what the previous occupants had left at the site. We went to a primitive campsite and found that people had thrown gas containers into the fires and left them laying there. The sites were too close to our neighbors and they weren't the type of people we were used to camping with. This camping trip coming up we know the site we are camping at and who our neighbors will be so no real worries except for those not used to camping in a large group.
Also if camping with small children they need to listen and understand that in the dark to go potty they need to let you know even if they think they can find the campsite. In the dark it maybe a bit harder to find. Flashlights are also very important. Especially if you need to find a place to use the bathroom. Alot of the modern campsites have showers. Be sure to have towels even if the weather report looks good. You'll never know if you will step in something unpleasant and that towel w/some plastic bags will come in really handy.
For small children toys even if a pain to tote along are usually helpful just to give a sense of comfort from the familiar home settings. We've toted several toys and weren't always happy about it. Going camping is a really good learning experience for young children. This is a chance for them to learn about the cycles of the seasons. Also to learn about animals that live in this area. My daughter was amazed by the fact that she saw an armadillo and saw some tracks for other animals while we went on a hike. For those of you who have pets remember to bring some food and water and toys for the pup as well. And keep the dog with you at all times even if the dog is tame there are to many stupid people in this world who will hurt your dog.

Well camping is an amazing way to get back to knowing the goddess. If you think about it the whole world is a wonderful way for children to learn about the gods and goddesses. You just have to use your imagination.

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