Wednesday, November 7, 2007

In our family pets are very much an important part of our household. Eversince our kids were born we've always had a pet in the house. I believe that pets help avoid allergies, also give a loving start in a child's life. Last night we decided on another addition to our family. Whenever choosing another member of the family is always important for all family members to be onboard with this subject. Originally I wanted to build a chicken coop but hubby wasn't so fond of that idea. So we decided on a bird. A budgie to be exact. Now first off let me tell you my hubby refers to our animals as the McSweeney Zoo. We have 2 dogs, one came from the pound and is a doxie mix. He's deaf and his name is blue. We also adopted a farm dog who is a chow mix named pinky. They're great together. Now I've had my 2 cats for over 10 yrs. My oldest Pooh is 11 yrs old siamese mix who is a vocal pain in the butt. Then we have Tajza our male tabby who just drools and wants to cuddle constantly and he is 10 this past october. And last but not least my daughter has a betta named marvin.
I sort of talked my daughter into a bird for her birthday as a birthday present. She's almost 4. Now I know what most of you are thinking that at the age of 4 what child is competant in taking care of a pet. Well let me say this. My daughter does chores like feeding the dogs and giving them water and also taking the dogs out to go potty. Very responsible for a child of her age. If the water bowl is empty she goes to the fridge fills the pitcher and fills the bowls. The bird will be tamed and trained by me but eventually it will be her responsibility to feed and give the bird water. I don't expect her to clean the cage as that's just to much work and we plan on putting the bird on our eye level as not to have the bird skittish of young children. She wants to be involved in the animal care. She's a big help with our 2 dogs. The cats even tolerate her because they know never to scratch her. My cats have never attempted to put a claw to her.
The budgie will be our 6th pet. We enjoy the animals. My hubby even has his favorite and even doesn't get mad when his dog messes in the house.It's all a matter of controlling the enviroment and making sure that everyone knows their jobs. My dog won't go outside for my hubby but for my youngest will do whatever she asks no matter how silly it is. We've decided to pick the bird out together and dad has the final decision. Because he wants to make sure this is the right decision. I've done alot of research in care of the animal as I've done with all my animals. I'm not one to do things on a whim. Which I suggest to do w/all animals because it is a lifetime commitment. Thankfully no one in my house is really allergic. My hubby does have a slight allergy to cats if they get close to his face, but the cats tend to not bother him in the first place. So as a pagan mom don't deny animals in your home even if it is added work because they will give you and your children a good lesson in love and responsibility

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