Tuesday, December 11, 2007

3 Days to Disney

Well the countdown has begun here in our small part of florida. The house is a buzz because grandma is coming into town. It's great when my family gets together. Were very different than the people we live around and tend to have a great time. I love that my daughter gets to spend time with her grandma that she sees every 6 months due to distance. The whole week is full of excitement. Especially since grandma is taking me and Lassair to Disney World. It's a 3 generation party. Lassair is the focal point of this whole expedition and when there is more than one child I believe that every child needs to have their own experiences away from their siblings. It gives them time to be fawned over so that they feel special every now and again. Yes their birthdays and christmas are special, but these are the times when it's all about just them for no reason other than to just be with loved ones.
Grandma comes on Wednesday and then we'll spend a little bit of time after we get her checked in to the hotel and get her rental car. Grandma doesn't like to stay with us as pets are not her thing, and we have more than enough to make her uncomfortable.
Thursday were off to Disney and to our hotel the Coronado Springs Hotel and we'll be going to the Magic Kingdom for the first day, where Grandma will get to enjoy in the fun of Disney.
Friday, were off to the Animal Kingdom for some fun where I want to ride Everest just because it's new and want to have some fun of my own. Then it's back home to Zephyrhills, Saturday I have to work I know this, and my mom will be taking Lassair to some performances for her ballet. Which grandma is paying for.
Sunday is Lassair's early birthday party late in the afternoon and we'll probably do our christmas/Yule shopping for her and Grandma can keep her occupied while I get her presents. Then her party at 4. She can't wait. Of course major cleaning is involved tomorrow before grandma comes because you know how grandmas are about appearances. And Monday grandma is back home to New Jersey. But were definately looking forward to a great week. Remember that no matter how much you disagree with your families, it is a good thing for your child to see how you react with them for a good basis for their life.

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