Monday, December 10, 2007

Holidays and kids presents

As the girls get older and the holidays start to come around I think about the years before. Now my adorable little preemie who was 3lbs 1.8 oz now around 40lbs still small in comparison to other kids but grown so much in the past years. She's 39inches tall. I wonder what is best for her. The holidays just make you think back.
It also makes you think of what type of presents are best for their age groups. My little one will be 4 just days after christmas. She has the attitude of a 14 yr old and asks me questions like today which was just to cute. Mom is that baby real. Because she knows that there are toy babies that act like real babies. She wants so many things and unfortunately due to circumstances I can't give her and I feel like crap. But I guess that is a mothers curse. We all want to give our kids more than what we had. But is that the right way to go. My other half always says that kids today are given more than what they really need which buys into the entitlement mindset. Some days I agree and other days I feel that is a parents privilege. Do I want my child to know that I will buy her whatever she wants or should I make her earn those items she truly desires. But then you also have to look into the different backgrounds of the two of us to truly understand.
I was raised so differently. In my younger years my grandparents raised me and they were born in the 30's. And I didn't live with my mother till I was in my teens. My mom still has issues over me being raised by her mother and me not wanting to be with her. She tries to take my child so that she had what her mother had with me. Doesn't work cause I won't let that happen.
Now the other half he was restricted from a lot of joys that most kids have. He didn't have friends and couldn't ride a bike to some one's house just to hangout. So the way we see things are very different. My little one does alot of things, and has alot of outside interests which we try to provide even if it means a bit more sacrificing on our part. So what do you get a child that wants presents for the holidays and doesn't realize that money doesn't grow on trees.
Something to think about as we get closer to the holidays. Do they really need those presents or is it something that we feel obligated to do because we want them to have more than we did.

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