Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Breed Specific Legislation

Do you ever really think about what Breed Specific Legislation is all about or even care. Here in Pasco County Florida they are making consideration for changing our animal laws that any dog over 40lbs must be neutered and muzzled out in public. Well let me say this, I'm a very big advocate of those so-called dangerous dog breeds. Most of the time these animals are widely misunderstood. Personally I've grew up around Pitbulls and German Shepherds. My aunt was a breeder of American Pitbull Terriers. A breed that is widely known in the news for being vicious, which most people don't understand about. This is not the type of dog you leave chained in the backyard and spend no time with. They love their people and want to be with you constantly as most other breeds do as well. A little background info.
My aunt bred show pits and every summer I would go and visit her. Most of the time she would have to go to work and I would stay home and take care of her pits. Well at the time my aunt was breeding her bitch and had puppies. So I would play with mom and pups and get them used to being handled and around humans. Boom Boom the pit was a great mom and great dog. She was sweet and loving. Never tried to bite or snap or hurt anyone. My aunt lived in the woods of Pa but the neighbors weren't far away at all. Boom Boom lived to be 15 yrs of age and was my aunts pride and joy and one of the best show bitches my aunt and uncle had. Now for another so-called dangerous breed.
I grew up with an American bred German Shepherd from the age of 2-11. The dog would lay in my play pen with me when I took naps and watched over me as I grew up. This dog was my best friend and I still miss her till this very day. As I do with many of my other beloved pets that have gone onto the rainbow bridge. These supposed dangerous breed aren't going to go away even if we want to. Actually from stats it's actually proven that most pure bred pits would never attack the percentage is only 17% of pits that have ever killed. I have many friends who own these so called dangerous breeds. My husband is a proponent of getting rid of these dangerous dogs just because of what is on the news. I personally have so much personal experience with these types of dogs that I know better. Currently we have a chow mix. Chow nonetheless. She is very loving but also very protective. She would definately eat someone who tried to come into my home. And because of this she would be labeled a dangerous dog. Because of her instinct in protecting her family. I've known more little dogs who would try to take a bite out of you than a big dog would. I've had the most amazing experiences with pit bulls and those dangerous dogs. One day at work I was outside and this truck driver pulled up and out came his 250lb. English Mastiff, This dog was huge and was told he was just under a year. Well I saw the man go into the store and told the dog to sit and stay. The dog did just that and allowed me to pet him and just softly kissed me. He was a dream dog. I also have another friend who breeds pits and his stud would be the poster dog for the breed. He is the sweetest dog in the world. His name is Shine and his personality truly shines through when you meet him. As long as I've lived I've never met a pit that I didn't like that was bred properly and had good loveable owners.
So take this into consideration. If you treat an animal with love and attention as you would a child no harm will befall you. Be a strong pack leader and the dog will follow.

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