Thursday, November 8, 2007


Do you ever feel that schooling today isn't what it used to be. I have friends whose children are older or the same age as mine. I'm constantly asking how are things going with school. Alot of times I see that when the children are given so much work to do after school. Do I think this is right, not necessarily. I think the only time I see the kids really learning is when they have these long projects that need to be completed. We've come to the conclusion that Homeschooling is in our best interest, only because some children learn differently. Now I have 2 girls. One not biologically mine but one of the heart as she is my stepdaughter. The other I give everything she wants within reason and see the difference between the 2 girls. My stepdaughter likes school seeing her friends as where my little one says outwardly no way am I going to go there. Now I can hear it already.
What about socialization! Well to answer that question quite simply. We are a family that believes in activity. Both the girls take dance once a week. My little one tries to have conversations with the girls her own age and from what I see is that most of the kids that go to daycare just don't have the verbal skills my child has. Now I know that not every child has the opportunity to spend their day at a family members house. Lassair is one of those children who wants to be with her family and learn from us. She's very responsible for her age so I don't think school socialization is at all very necessary. We don't need to start school till she's 6. Which she's a winter baby so we would miss the cut-off dates just to start early. Which to me is a rip-off considering not every child is the same. Lassair knew her alphabet by just looking at the letters at 18mos of age. She is very bright for her age. She is loved by the people in the pagan community here and actually is called the Elven Princess. She knows how to spell her name and loves just to be w/us. There are so many choices don't turn a blind eye to Homeschooling because it looks like it would be alot of work. Judge your child appropriately and see if it is possible.
Lassair also has decided that she wants to put an altar in her room. I know young child. But when she puts her mind to something she is fully determined to see it through. Recently on a trip to our local metaphysical shop she saw a wide varity of stones and crystals. One of the owners at the shop also gave her a piece of green flourite. It wasn't sellable due to the bottom looking like it had another mineral attached to it. I personally have over 20 different stones. And today I took them all down to clean my entertainment center off to make room for our new addition the budgie who will be arriving early next month. Lassair wanted to know the names of every crystal and object I pulled down. My athame,incense burner and some candles included. This is the kind of learning I love. I told Lassair we would put them in her room soon and set up her altar. She's ecstatic. Plus a dear friend of ours past a couple of months back and she knew Lassair loved the goddess and gifted her a statue. Learning is all around us. Why do we as parents expect the government to school our children. When we know what we want from our children.

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