Friday, November 16, 2007

The Golden Compass

I've just taken the golden compass book out this week and couldn't put it down. Now I'm a northerner stuck in the south. I wish I could leave but that would mean abandoning my family and that's not something I will do. If any of you have been trapped in the southern christian society than you know what I'm talking about.
So I got the book from the library on wednesday before my daughter had to go to dance class, so I decided I would read it while I waited inside like I normally do every wednesday. So all the christian moms are discussing this and that, so I decided to chime in at a moment of silence. Has anyone else read the golden compass. Normally when I go out on wednesdays I'm in my yoga pants and a t-shirt just relaxation wear. Well that was the worst question you can ask a group of southern women who are christian. The whole room turned and looked at me as if I was a devil's minion or something. The one mom chimed in we don't read those kinds of things it's not christian. So I mentioned Harry Potter. Well that didn't go over well either. So being the good hearted person that I am I didn't bring up much else. But Harry Potter was on the forbidden list with them as well. I decided then and there that I would go outside and call up one of my very open catholic friends. Well,first off let me say that these are mostly anglo-saxon women all except one who is a teacher at a school and 1 black mother who is also a teacher at a christian academy. As I called my friend I started yelling in spanish about their ignorance, my friend and I are both knowledgeable about speaking the language she more than I because her father is from Argentina, So half english and spanish depending on what was said. She too gets outraged by the ignorance of others, she's not a practicing catholic but her children are.
Today I spent a great deal of time with her on the phone discussing the Golden Compass. She hadn't read the book yet but I had told her I was going to get it from the library. So today I told her the story even if I ruined the movie for her, she still wanted to know why the christians were in an uproar. From the way I explained the book to her she actually thought that the story was more on the lines of actually self-exploration and freedom to think as you wish. In metaphorical terms anyway. I agreed with her as I listened to her explanation. Well I have to say this as it's come up more than once. If you can't make up your own minds instead of listening to someone who is only concern is making money for their organization then you need to WAKE UP! I know this is why I left the church because I didn't believe in everything I was told. My mother would say that I'm easily led by others where the people who know me best know that if I have an opinion on something there is no changing my mind even if they try to change it there is no use arguing with me.
So my suggestion to all of you is to sit down and actually read the book or go to the movie although from what I heard it's been dumbed down for younger viewers and make your own opinion.


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