Saturday, November 24, 2007

Wheel of the year

Teaching young children the wheel of the year isn't as hard as you may think it may be. My daughter is 3 going on 14. Tonight I decided to explain this to her. As a young child the easiest way to do this is thru pictures. So they understand slowly. I started w/the wheel of the year. With Yule at the top I drew a christmas tree. Then followed by a candle signifying that the light is slowly returning. Then at Ostara I drew an easter egg. Symbalizing the coming of age. Then Followed by the may pole for Beltane.We explained this is when the baby is born. Coincidentally Lassair is a Beltane Baby. Then Followed by Midsummer which we told her that the father was about to leave so the baby could grow up. Followed at Litha with Corn stalks for the Harvest. Then Mabon was Thanksgiving for us when we give thanks to the gods for what they have given us. Finally a pumpkin for Samhain and for the death of the god and goddess. She liked the story even though she fidgeted but will tell you that she enjoyed the story.
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Also today, Lassair set up her altar. A relative gave her a small vanity with a mirror. She told me weeks ago that she wanted to do this. We finally set it up tonight. She has a goddess statue with a tree on it and on the opposite side of it there is a spiral. She is nude. But for a young child this doesn't phase her. The goddess statue was given to her after the death of a friend and we had to explain to her what happened. We told her that her friend went to go live with the goddess and she didn't cry and understands that someday when she visits the goddess she will see her friend again. We went to the metaphysical store about a week ago when she then decided to make her own altar. She was given a piece of green flourite which attracts faeries. Although we don't need anymore faeries in this house. We welcome all new friends. So Lassair has decided to put a bunch of crystals on her altar. With a mini cauldron sitting on the altar and a wolf figure next to the goddess and a wand next to the goddess. She is very proud of these things. She started to pick up the crystals and feel them. She told me some were hot and some were cold. So we explained to her that the hot ones had alot of energy and she kept feeling them to see which ones were that way. I think she learned alot tonight when it came to the gods. She has alot to learn. We are going to be making homemade ornaments along with our traditional ones. This will be alot of fun. Plus it helps us make things that pertain to the gods and go into more detail.
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